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Aug 12, 2020

As promised, we've revisited our "I Side With" quiz and took it again, now that the presidential candidates have been finalized and we're closer to the election.  Adam compares where he agrees with Trump and with Biden, and we see where our thoughts and opinions have changed over the past year.

Aug 4, 2020

This week, we have a guest who moved three years ago from California to New Hampshire to be part of the Free State Project.  He shares with us what the movement is all about, what life in New Hampshire is like, sources you can go to for more information on the project, and tips for getting involved in the culture.

Jul 21, 2020

In this episode we wanted to take a break from serious stuff and talk about fun media that Adam likes to consume that have libertarian and/or atheist themes: various films, video games, YouTube channels, etc.

Jul 15, 2020

This week we have as a guest Adam's friend Colton who is a Christian and philosopher and who is the one that recommended "The Reason for God" to Adam.  We talk about Mormonism and what qualifies as a Christian, as well as different philosophical arguments about God.

Jul 11, 2020

In this episode we're covering Part 2 of Timothy Keller's book "The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism".  It's different from Part 1, but it's bad in its own way and doesn't redeem the book for us.  We also highlight some of Adam's problems with Christianity as a whole.